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Multi Level IB Plugin

Increase the growth and potential of your brokerage by using Multi Level IB Plugin to expand your IB business (IBs within IBs). Hiring IBs is the fastest and most reliable way to grow your business and network. By offering multi-tier IB structure your brokerage will stand out and your IBs will be more motivated.



MAM (Multiple Account Management) gives your clients the choice to become an investor and profit without trading on their own, and allows more experienced traders to profit by managing the funds of others. Extend the functionality of your Brokerage to include support for the MAM business model.


Bonus Manager

Bonus Manager assists you in stimulating customers to trade larger volumes. This plugin allows a broker to implement automatic loyalty programme by depositing bonus to the clients balance, when certain traded volume is reached.


Leverage Switcher

Leverage Changer is designed to assist brokers in automation of the risk management process. It sets rules for automatic leverage assignation depending on balance of the client. Thus broker will automate the process and reduce time and human resources for implementing settings, as well as minimize risks by setting smaller leverage to accounts with larger balances.


Virtual Dealer

Virtual Dealer Plugin is the solution for protection against traders using platform vulnerability by scalping on delayed quotes. This plug-in has different ways of configuration (by groups, symbols) and automatically performs contra-measures against methods. As a result, it reduces brokers risks.


FIX API Bridge

FIX API is a universal standard. It’s used by numerous banks, prime brokers, and hedge funds. It allows communication between a client, trader, investment fund, or broker and a liquidity provider. It helps the overall execution to happen within a fraction of seconds even while in news breakouts.



This plugin would eliminate the use of server-side plug-in MT4/MT5, which will significantly reduce burden on the trade server. Radically reduce the threshold to integrate trading servers and web services, allows to develop and connect customers with the necessary functionality quickly and easily.

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