Liquidity Bridge is the leading provider of focused technology and services. We provide professional tools and resources that enable brokers of all sizes to manage risk and become more profitable.

The MT4/MT5 bridge allows brokers to submit client orders to liquidity providers, wait for confirmation, then send the confirmation or rejection notice to the trading client all done in milliseconds. In combination with FXwhitelabel.Net, brokers have the capacity to manage custom streams of pricing which they can offer to different clients and different liquidity providers.

In the simplest terms, our technology allows for an FX trade originating in the MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) platform to be executed by an external liquidity provider.


Fast and robust trade execution.
Manage A & B trade models for max profits.
Design your own MT4/MT5 trading profiles.
Supports all sorts of order types and validity.
Match your live exposure (platform & LP).
Trade all Futures Markets on MT4/MT5.
Reliable MT4/MT5 API programming infrastructure.
Integrated with the back office.
Gateway to get alerts on the market conditions.

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