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Multi Level Broker Management Portal

This system helps users to track all the changes from connections in between brokers & clients plus distribution of income coefficients. Because of this, there are so many used factors of income available in the calculations which operated in the whole process.
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For clients, we need to create a system & dashboard which is the first action towards establishing relationships between clients & brokers. It can do automatic calculations of commissions earned by brokers on clients’ bets plus dependent broker’s clients.
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ibs portal

Forex IB Portal

Forex IB Portal is designed for brokers who are responsible for login and reviewing the automatically calculated amount of income which is obtained from direct customers plus subordinate brokers. In addition, logged brokers can review their balance, make requests for withdrawing of funds into their personal account using suitable payment methods.
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  • Provides transaction history of the system.
  • Money movement history between accounts & currency translation.
  • Can create transactions to deposit or withdraw money.
  • Processes withdrawal requests for confirmation or rejection, also its a 3-tier request handling system mechanism.
  • Sets payment service provider which becomes payment gateway for payment method.
  • Reporting - partner reports and rebate calculations.

Forex IB Portal Administration Area

With this, a manager can make connections like broker-client and broker-broker. It also allows the distribution of income coefficients in the hierarchy of connections. The complete developed system provides the ability to create a multi-level pyramid, track and also apply different income coefficients which completely depends upon instruments which customers play on Forex, metals, oils and more.
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  • Interactive reports which include dashboards with results.
  • Profit - overall results for every sub IB & clients.
  • Pyramid management.
  • Monitoring client activity
  • Withdraw money
  • Supports 5 languages

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