MT5 Platform

Are you an Institution currently catering your Clients on MT4 Platform? OR Are you looking to enter the lucrative Business of Forex Brokerage with a Updated Trading Platform?.

If you are planning to start your own business or grow to become a professional Forex Broker, We can help you do that! We can provide you with a full MT5 WhiteLabel solution to enter Forex market through our White Label Program which will allow you to utilize our best in class technology.

MetaTrader-5 is the latest and the most popular Forex trading platform designed by MetaQuotes. This advanced trading platform supports all Financial industry standards along with the improvised performance level. Some of the prime features updated are working speed, time frames, order types and the accessibility to trade on futures and stock markets. For serious traders acquainted on MT4 platform, MT5 is a must try..

Advantages of MT5:

MetaTrader 5, offers 21 time periods on the charts. Thus investors could benefit from a technical analysis with more accurately. 

Eight built-in technical indicators, 39 graphic objects and lots of MQL5-indicators masking most if not all the standard indicators.

It affords 4 completely different execution varieties: Market, Prompt, Request and Change execution which might be a helpful function that can meet all BROKERS execution wants.

MetaTrader 5 gives access to 9 additional techniques for chart structuring, where the focus is in the range of 1 to 10 minutes, which is suitable for scalping techniques.

Market Depth”, enables each investor to examine, in depth, the quotations of the respective securities – volume of securities offered at a given price. 

The economic calendar,which is Integrated give a ease to Traders which shows a number of economic events, economic data and indicators by day and hour of the respective week.  Inpidual events, news and data can be extracted on separate graphs. This provides an easier and more accurate market monitoring.

One Click Trading right from the Market Watch, which makes trading a easy to do task while in volatile market conditions

MetaTrader 5 has an optimized “Strategy Tester”, which allows better testing of the expert systems and a more detailed presentation of the results. 

Enhanced Safety & Encryption Technologies.

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