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About Us

Welcome to FXWhiteLabel.Net

Welcome to FXWhiteLabel.Net, We are online service provider with immense experience in Forex brokerage
FX Whitelabel able to deliver tailored system with best support. It enables an individual or a company to set up a complete Forex broker with all the tools, software and servers required for setting up a Forex broker.
FX WhiteLabel also offers FIX-API Bridge through which you can connect to any other Liquidity Providers and get best price for execution and usage cost is also very low.

Who are We

Founded in 2016, the goal of FXWhiteLabel.net is to work with our partners to help you establish and grow your own FX and CFD brokerage. We have been providing technological solutions to the forex industry, with one-to-one account mapping for any number of trading platforms to any number of liquidity providers.. We work with leading banks, brokers and institutions to address some of the most pressing problems in the forex industry, providing solutions, connecting trading platforms, liquidity providers.

We will excel in helping you:

Create your own bespoke FX White Label solution
Support in growing your company brand, and client base
Making your FX Brand Come in Spot Light

FXWhiteLabel.net has worked with various Licensing Setups with MetaQuotes Software and teamed up with industry leading technology providers to offer a complete brokerage package – platform, connectivity, hosting and CRM. As an independent firm, FXWhiteLabel.net are not affiliated with any favored liquidity provider and are happy to work with the liquidity provider of your choice.

World-Class Technology

Rather than investing in sophisticated marketing plans, supporting F1, Football teams, etc. as well as having fancy offices in the City, FXWHITELABEL.NET remains at low operational margins with emphasis on investments in cutting-edge technology. In order to support such a comprehensive offering, we deployed a world-class IT Infrastructure Server and Hosting (Equinix LD4 and NY4) technology. Our infrastructure setup is exclusive and second to none in the market.

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